Sunday, 11 November 2012


I just had a cursory look on a couple of my latest posts and I was horrified! So many spelling and grammatical errors in there! But then again, I remembered that I've already spotted some of them before but didn't have the courage to correct them.

Courage? Did you really mean courage? Well yes. I'm sorry to say that, but Blogger is rather a difficult platform to be working with (to put it very mildly) and I didn't want to risk losing of all my formatting just because I'd like to correct some spelling.

So let's make an agreement: I won't touch the old posts (sorry...) but the new ones will be seriously proofread and not just jotted down and published in the spur of the moment. Promised!


Yu-Jie Lin said...

We bloggers all make same errors, not really a big deal. It's a blog post not some article on magazine or newspaper, minor typos are acceptable.

About Blogger blogging platform, from time to time, it messes up some old posts which I wrote in Markdown or reStructuredText (still writing in reST depending on post contents) and use "<br/>" for newline. Somehow, after a year or two, Blogger messed some up, it's so annoying and you don't even know which posts are affected.

Marek Krj said...

@Yu-Jie thanks for your understanding mate!