Saturday, 27 June 2009

For German Speakers only...

Hi everyone! As it comes, I stumbled recently upon an interesting C++ website, which I quite enjoyed, and even happened to learn something new in the process! Its address is:

I particularly liked the coverage of some more modern topics liker my favourite theme of Web programming in C++, embedded C++ scripting, or the string tutorial covering conversions between different encodings (and not to forget the link to the Pirates Party :)). Don't get me wrong, it's not the uber C++ webpage, but it's a cute, interesting little thing!

Unfortunatlely it's all in German :-((. Good for me (see, learning languages pays off sometimes), bad luck for the rest of you. So if you're speaking German, have a look at it!

Speaking about languages, there's a little story as a goodie: on some project several years ago I had to update an open source tool for copying entire websites. It was thousands and thousands lines of plain, spaghetti-style C code. As this wouldn't be bad enough, all the comments that were there weren't in English, no, they were all in French!!! Hadn't I learnt some French for my holidays, I couldn't possibly have this assignment finished! Without comments the code was absolutely incomprehensible! However it worked fine, even if it wasn't any OO or structured programming thing. Why? For all we know it shouldn't ;-))).