Wednesday, 18 July 2007



This will be my technical blog: I hope to be able to share a couple of thoughs on software and programming languages (hence the unimaginative title) in rather an irregular manner. This blog is related to my freelancing work done under the name in Munich, Germany.

I'm in first line a C++ kind of a guy: doing it for a quite long time and liking it rather well. But as my interest lies in the technology rather than in evangelism, I was as well enjoing (or not) programming in Java, Perl, Python and some other less known languages (you're right, Ruby is not on the list). Technologically I come from academia and the research on distributed systems and networks, later enhanced with network management, client-server systems, and somentimes even web applications. I liked designing frameworks for other people and objects for my own systems. I hope I'll be able to say something new about languages, programming and aestetics, but it may as well degenate into rants... So be forewarned!


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