Monday, 31 December 2007

Some jokes for the new year

Happy new year everybody!

What about some (programming) jokes for a smooth beginning of a new year? Let's start with an old one:

How many software developers does it take to change a lightbulb? 10 to discuss the requirements, 10 more to do the analysis, 10 more to do the design, and one to write the code, 12 years later.
Well, that's definitely a "waterfall-model" one! Do you know some XP-jokes? I don't think there are any, as Agility (with the capital A!) is much to cool nowadays to be joked about ;-)! So, as not to let you think I'm a hopeless oldtimer, here is some more modern one, actually a cartoon* :

Well, a discussion could begin about Java, its low-level interfaces, its megatons of frameworks, etc... but not this time.

And here's another one, this time more higher-order and functional (Haskell, if I'm right)**:

Isn't it cute?

And, at last, hava a look at a day in programmers life: It's really hard sometimes!!!

PS: If you know some XP or Agile jokes, please let me know!

* sorry, don't remember the source :-((
** source:, thanks to Philip Wadler ;-)

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